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Generator for Kitura REST webservice servers

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This module is a Yeoman generator for creating REST webservices based on the Kitura web framework with the Swift language.

This generator and the Yeoman library runs on Node.js and generates a Swift 4 application.


To use this module, you will need Node.js and Swift 4 installed on your Linux or macOS system. You can get Node.js from and Swift 4 from

You will also need the Yeoman command line utility yo installed in your global Node.js module directory.

To install yo, use: npm install -g yo

To install this generator, use: npm install -g git+

Quick start

To create a Swift Server Generator project with no models defined, use: yo swiftserver

To add a data model to your project, cd to the new project directory and use: yo swiftserver:model

To run the generated server, use: <project-dir>/.build/debug/<app-name>

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