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Reactive file management framework built on top of ReactiveCocoa

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ReactiveCocoaIO is a framework for accessing and manipulating a file system
through signals, based on

It's composed of two main class hierarchies:

  • RCIOFileManager exposes asynchronous
    reactive interfaces for listing directory contents and managing files and

  • RCIOItem and its two subclasses
    RCIOFile and
    RCIODirectory expose methods for creating
    files and directories and manipulating their contents and metadata.


  1. Add ReactiveCocoaIO.xcodeproj and
    External/ReactiveCocoa/ReactiveCocoaFramework/ReactiveCocoa.xcodeproj (or your
    own ReactiveCocoa project file) to your project or workspace.

  2. In your target's link phase add:

    1. ReactiveCocoaIO
    2. ReactiveCocoa
    3. Foundation
    4. CoreServices (only on OS X)
  3. If you're building an iOS app you might have add the libraries to your
    target's dependencies too, Xcode isn't too good at figuring those out.

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