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A simple WebSocket server

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RockemSockem isn't just an awesome name. It's a super-simple, ReactiveCocoa-based WebSocket server for OS X.

It uses CocoaHTTPServer to do all the hard stuff. Because the hard stuff is hard. Basically all the credit goes to them.

How do I use it?

  1. Add RockemSocket.xcodeproj to your project or workspace.
  2. Add RockemSockem to your Target Dependencies.
  3. Add RockemSockem.framework to your Link Binary with Libraries.
  4. Add RockemSockem.framework to a Copy Files phase which copies it into Frameworks.
  5. Weep that this list of instructions is so damn long.
  6. Follow all those same steps, but for ReactiveCocoa (in External).
server = [[RSMServer alloc] init];
server.port = 12345;
server.interface = @"localhost";
[server.webSockets subscribeNext:^(RSMWebSocket *socket) {
    [socket sendMessage:@"Sock it to me."];
    [socket.messages subscribeNext:^(NSString *message) {
        NSLog(@"Got \"%@\" from %@", message, socket);

NSError *error;
BOOL success = [server start:&error];
if (!success) {
    NSLog(@"Error starting server: %@", error);

See RockemSockemSample for a slightly complete example.

If you’re developing RockemSockem on its own, then simply open RockemSockem.xcworkspace.

What about iOS?

If you're running a WebSocker server on iOS I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems and RockemSockem not running on iOS ain't one. (Pull requests welcome.)

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