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微信开源的 Android 热修复框架,支持在无需升级APK的前提下更新 dex, library and resources 文件

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Tinker is a hot-fix solution library for Android, it supports dex, library and resources update without reinstalling apk.

Getting started

Add tinker-gradle-plugin as a dependency in your main build.gradle in the root of your project:

buildscript {
    dependencies {
        classpath ('com.tencent.tinker:tinker-patch-gradle-plugin:1.6.0')

Then you need to "apply" the plugin and add dependencies by adding the following lines to your app/build.gradle.

dependencies {
    //optional, help to generate the final application 
    //tinker's main Android lib
apply plugin: 'com.tencent.tinker.patch'

If your app has a class that subclasses android.app.Application, then you need to modify that class, and move all its implements to SampleApplicationLike rather than Application:

-public class YourApplication extends Application {
+public class SampleApplicationLike extends DefaultApplicationLike

Now you should change your Application class, make it a subclass of TinkerApplication. As you can see from its API, it is an abstract class that does not have a default constructor, so you must define a no-arg constructor:

public class SampleApplication extends TinkerApplication {
    public SampleApplication() {
        //tinkerFlags, which types is supported
        //dex only, library only, all support
        // This is passed as a string so the shell application does not
        // have a binary dependency on your ApplicationLifeCycle class. 

Use tinker-android-anno to generate your Application is recommended, you just need to add an annotation for your SampleApplicationLike class

application = "tinker.sample.android.app.SampleApplication",             //application name to generate
flags = ShareConstants.TINKER_ENABLE_ALL)                                //tinkerFlags above
public class SampleApplicationLike extends DefaultApplicationLike 

How to install tinker? learn more at the sample SampleApplicationLike.

For proguard, we have already made the proguard config automatic, and tinker will also generate the multiDex keep proguard file for you.

For more tinker configurations, learn more at the sample app/build.gradle.


Any problem?

  1. Learn more from tinker-sample-android.
  2. Read the source code.
  3. Read the wiki or FAQ for help.
  4. Contact us for help.


For more information about contributing issues or pull requests, see our Tinker Contributing Guide.


Tinker is under the BSD license. See the LICENSE file for details.

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