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Artsy's GraphQL API

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Metaphysics is a GraphQL-compliant API for the Artsy v1 API. You can try it here against our staging API.

It is built on express, express-graphql, and graphql. With graphiql providing a sandbox to work with.

It is currently used in production all over the place in, and the Artsy iOS App


Getting Setup

Set up your .env file based on our example .env.test (the variables you must change for development are separated at the bottom).

Install memcached and Yarn if you don't already have them:

brew install memcached
npm install -g yarn

To start up a development server, clone this repo and run:

yarn install
npm run dev

If you are using VS Code, you can read debugging with VS Code to get inline debugging.


npm test to run the entire suite
npm run watch to spin up the test watcher


PRs merged to master are deployed to staging via Semaphore.

We then use the heroku pipelines to deploy to production when happy with staging.

Add the staging instance as a git remote named staging, then promote using the command:

$ heroku pipelines:promote -r staging

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