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提供了直接在通知中心管理提醒事项的神奇能力的 iOS 开源通知插件

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✏️ TodayMind 中文说明

Make Reminder Great Again!


🤔 What is TodayMind

TodayMind is a tiny project that provides amazing ability to manage Reminders directly in Today Widget

🤘 Features

  • Text inputting on widget
  • Full-featured widget with ultimate swipe gestures
  • EventKit usages

📱 Screenshots


🙏 Thanks

  • SnapKit: An elegant Swift autolayout DSL for iOS & OS X
  • Jonny: An outstanding iOS developer, he explorered a new way to make widget

⚠️ Tips

  • Some tricks inside the project are NOT App Store friendly, so please weigh the pros and cons yourself
  • Besides, please don't upload the project to App Store as a copycat of TodayMind, it's not cool

❤️ Donation

  • You can donate to this project by installing it from App Store which is a paid app
  • A better way would be alipay, through account: or scanning the following qrcode. Even 1 CNY helps


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