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All kinds of iOS / ObjC helper classes. The name of the repository - was amazingly suggested by GitHub :-)

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Hi everyone!
If you're wondering where did all these libraries go - well, I decided to move them all to separate repositories. I will keep maintaining this repository with just a map of my iOS/ObjC repositories, so you can have an easy index.

Here they are!


  • DGToneGenerator - A DTMF tone generator
  • DGAudioTranscoder - An audio transcoding module - takes any source format, transcodes to any codec available on iOS/OSX.


  • Charts - An iOS port of the beautiful MPAndroidChart
  • UITableViewRevealer - A revealer for the UITableView - shows hidden views like timestamps in iMessage app.
  • DGFlatProgressBarView - A flat progress bar view, as an alternative to UIProgressView
  • DGCurvedLabel - A UILabel subclass that curves the text around an arc :-)
  • DGSlideViewController - A sliding view controller for iOS
  • DGImageLoaderView - A bullet-proof high-performance image view that loads from your URLs (web & local!)
  • DGKeyboardScrollHandler - A helper to handle scrolling your UITableView or UIScrollView when the keyboard appears
  • DGBarcodeView - Barcode view with many encodings
  • DGButton - A UIButton subclass with support for setting image on opposite side, and RTLing image position
  • DGTextField - A customizable UITextField subclass (change placeholder color, change content insets etc.)
  • DGDropdownView - A customizable "drop view" like the iOS Push Notification
  • DGInputAccessoryToolbar - A standard "prev/next/done" toolbar to put as inputAccessoryView for your keyboard
  • DGNumberBadgeView - A number badge view, similar to iOS' push notification badge
  • DGBorderedLabel - An alternative to UILabel, with the option of a bordered text
  • DGPageControl - A customizable paging control, compatible alternative to UIPageControl
  • DGPickerButton - A UIButton that can show a UIPickerView or UIDatePicker for options
  • DGTextFieldPickerView - A UITextField that can show a UIPickerView or UIDatePicker for options
  • DGPopupView - A customizable popup view for iOS / ObjC
  • DGGrayScaleImage - A UIImage that represents a grayscale version of another UIImage
  • DGTintableImageView - A UIView that presents a UIImage with a tint to another color
  • DGLabelNumberAnimator - A helper library that will animate labels between two numbers
  • DGTwoSidedView - A UIView subclass that has two sides, so you can flip it or move in 3d space
  • DGCompatibleSegmentedControl - A subclass of UISegmentControl that will render on iOS 6.0 like it's iOS 7.0
  • DGFocusImageGallery - An image gallery view controller


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