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Douban CODE

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Douban CODE


Docker Installation

  1. Intall Docker Engine and Docker Compose.
  2. Note the Docker host IP address, if you are using a Docker Machine VM, you can use the docker-machine ip MACHINE_NAME to get the IP address.
  3. cp code.local.env.sample code.local.env then change the value of DOUBAN_CODE_DOMAIN to http://IP:8200.
  4. docker-compose build
  5. docker-compose up -d
  6. mysql -udouban_code -pmy-code-passwd -h IP -D valentine < vilya/databases/schema.sql
  7. open http://IP:8200

Vagrant Installation(Recommended)

$cd code
$vagrant up
$vagrant ssh
# In ubuntu. we use `supervisor` to monitor and control CODE and other services.
#You just go web http://localhost:8200

Quick Installation

Currently supports following systems:

  • gentoo
  • ubuntu/debian
  • centos/redhat/fedora
  • opensuse
  • archlinux

You only need to execute:

$bash <(curl -s

Then install & run supervisor to monitor and control all services of code.

pip install supervisor
sudo wget -O /etc/init.d/supervisor
sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/supervisor
sudo cp scripts/supervisord.conf /etc/supervisord.conf
sudo cp scripts/code.conf /etc/supervisor/conf.d/code.conf
sudo /etc/init.d/supervisor start
# go web http://localhost:8200

Notes: The installation script is in scripts subdirectory, for example for ubuntu/debian,
you can find scripts/


  1. single http daemon

    • gunicorn -b app:app # git http daemon
  2. vilya.config.DOMAIN

    • if you run 'gunicorn -b IP:PORT app:app', the DOMAIN should be 'http://IP:PORT'


CODE is under Revised BSD License.
See the LICENSE file for the full license text.

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