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DMPagerViewController is page navigation controller like the one used in Twitter or Tinder

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DMPagerViewController is a UIViewController subclass which mimics the navigation system used in Twitter and Tinder clients for iOS. It also add some special effects like icon tint color fade on scroll and page parallax effect during scroll.
It also offer several configuration options you can easily see in .h file.
Because an image worth more than thousand of words this is a short gif which show you the class.

<div style="width:100%;">
<img src="Example/Demo.gif" align="center" height="50%" width="50%" style="margin-left:20px;">


A short introduction

To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from your project.

Then you can create a new DMPagerViewController which contains your child view controllers like this:

UIViewController * vc1 = ...;
UIViewController * vc2 = ...;
UIViewController * vc3 = ...;
self.pagerController = [[DMPagerViewController alloc] initWithViewControllers: @[vc1,vc2,vc3]];

Your child view controllers must be conform to DMPagerViewControllerProtocol protocol in order to return the appropriate item to show into the navigation bar (used only when .useNavigationBar is set to YES).

So each view controller must implement:

- (DMPagerNavigationBarItem *)pagerItem {
     DMPagerNavigationBarItem *item;
     UIImage *itemIcon = ...;
     NSAttributedString *itemTitle = ...;
     item = [DMPagerNavigationBarItem newItemWithText:itemTitle andIcon: itemIcon];
    item.renderingMode = DMPagerNavigationBarItemModeOnlyText;
    return item;

Using .renderingMode you can decide what show for a specified item (the icon, icon and text or only the text).

You can choose between three different transitions to use when moving programmatically between pages using -setPageIndex:animated::

typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, DMPagerViewControllerAnimation) {
    // Standard UIScrollView animation
    // Ease In+Out animation on scroll
    // Animation with final bounce
    // Animation with initial+final bounce

Navigation Bar can also be customized (it's an UIView): you can decide what kind of transition (in term of colors) you want to use for navigation bar items: take a look at .colorizeMode (DMPagerNavigationBarItemColorize).
Also you can decide the layout of the navigation bar itself via .style property (DMPagerNavigationBarStyle)

You can push it from a navigation stack or put it into the root window.
You can also access to navigationBar configuration via .navigationBar property.


It works fine with iOS 8. Should work in iOS7 but I've not tested it.


DMPagerViewController is available through CocoaPods. To install
it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod "DMPagerViewController"


Daniele Margutti


DMPagerViewController is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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