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AVAssetExportSession drop-in replacement with customizable audio&video settings

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AVAssetExportSession drop-in replacement with customizable audio&video settings.

You want the ease of use of AVAssetExportSession but default provided presets doesn't fit your needs? You then began to read documentation for AVAssetWriter, AVAssetWriterInput, AVAssetReader, AVAssetReaderVideoCompositionOutput, AVAssetReaderAudioMixOutput… and you went out of aspirin? SDAVAssetExportSession is a rewrite of AVAssetExportSession on top of AVAssetReader* and AVAssetWriter*. Unlike AVAssetExportSession, you are not limited to a set of presets – you have full access over audio and video settings.

Usage Example

SDAVAssetExportSession *encoder = [SDAVAssetExportSession.alloc initWithAsset:anAsset];
encoder.outputFileType = AVFileTypeMPEG4;
encoder.outputURL = outputFileURL;
encoder.videoSettings = @
    AVVideoCodecKey: AVVideoCodecH264,
    AVVideoWidthKey: @1920,
    AVVideoHeightKey: @1080,
    AVVideoCompressionPropertiesKey: @
        AVVideoAverageBitRateKey: @6000000,
        AVVideoProfileLevelKey: AVVideoProfileLevelH264High40,
encoder.audioSettings = @
    AVFormatIDKey: @(kAudioFormatMPEG4AAC),
    AVNumberOfChannelsKey: @2,
    AVSampleRateKey: @44100,
    AVEncoderBitRateKey: @128000,

[encoder exportAsynchronouslyWithCompletionHandler:^
    if (encoder.status == AVAssetExportSessionStatusCompleted)
        NSLog(@"Video export succeeded");
    else if (encoder.status == AVAssetExportSessionStatusCancelled)
        NSLog(@"Video export cancelled");
        NSLog(@"Video export failed with error: %@ (%d)", encoder.error.localizedDescription, encoder.error.code);


All source code is licensed under the MIT-License.

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