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A SIMBL plugin for Safari 5.1 allowing tab switching by index (using Cmd-1, Cmd-2…)

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Note on El Capitan

Great news! Apple has finaly included the capability offered by this plugin in Safari 9.
Please read #50 for more info.

What is this?

Safari Tab Switching is a Safari SIMBL plugin which allow switching between tabs using Cmd+1-9.

NOTE: Good news! The feature provided by this plugin has been integrated by Apple in El Capitain. Go to Safari preferences > tabs and check "⌘-1 through ⌘-9 switches tabs".


  • Safari 5.0 (Snow Leopard) - May work with older version of Safari, but this is not tested
  • SIMBL 1.9.9 (packaged with the installer)


Download our installer and run it then restart Safari.


Use the command + <num> keyboard shortcut to switch between the 9 first tabs of your Safari windows.

NOTE: This plugin replaces the default behavior of those hotkeys which is to open the 9 first Bookmark Bar links.

As a bonus, this plugin also ad Cmd+Shift+T to reopen last closed tab.


Run the following command in the terminal and then restart Safari.

sudo rm -r "/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/SafariTabSwitching.bundle"

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