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A reusable Android rich text editor component.

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WordPress-Editor-Android is the text editor used in the WordPress Android app to create and edit pages & posts. In short it's a simple, straightforward way to visually edit HTML.


This project has both unit testing and integration testing, maintained and run separately.

Unit testing is done with the Robolectric framework. To run unit tests simply run gradlew testDebug.

Integration testing is done with the Android testing framework. To run integration tests run gradlew connectedAndroidTest.

Add new unit tests to src/test/java/ and integration tests to stc/androidTest/java/.

JavaScript Tests

This project also has unit tests for the JS part of the editor using Mocha.

To be able to run the tests, npm and Mocha (npm install -g mocha) are required.

With npm and Mocha installed, from within example/src/test/js, run:

npm install chai

And then run mocha inside the same folder:

cd example/src/test/js; mocha test*; cd -


WordPress-Editor-Android is an Open Source project covered by the GNU General Public License version 2.

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