VirtualLayout 是一个针对 RecyclerView 的 LayoutManager 扩展, 主要提供一整套布局方案和布局间的组件复用的问题
一个基于 RecyclerView 实现的material风格开源日历控件
一个支持下拉刷新和上拉加载的 RefreshLayout Android 开源控件,自带越界回弹效果,支持RecyclerView,AbsListView,ScrollView,WebView
Multi choice selection applied on recycler view make life easier
A custom layout manager for RecyclerView which mimicric TextView span behaviour, flow layouts behaviour with support of am...
让 RecyclerView 也支持 fast scroll 效果。A ListView-like FastScroller for Android’s RecyclerView.

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