Facebook 开源黑客技能练习对战平台 FBCTF

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有了这个平台,以后学生黑客们就不用去“善意”入侵某个网站或者服务器来证明和练习自己的入侵技术啦,直接在 FBCTF上面练习或者对战吧!突然感觉有了这个平台之后大家以后除了魔兽世界、data、撸啊撸又有了新的好玩的“游戏”了

What is FBCTF?

The Facebook CTF is a platform to host Jeopardy and “King of the Hill” style Capture the Flag competitions.

How do I use FBCTF?

  • Organize a competition. This can be with as few as two participants, all the way up to several hundred. The participants can be physically present, active online, or a combination of the two.

  • Follow setup instructions below to spin up platform infrastructure.

  • Enter challenges into admin page

  • Have participants register as teams

If running a closed competition:
In the admin page, generate and export tokens to be shared with approved teams, then point participants towards the registration page

If running an open competition:
Point participants towards the registration page

  • Enjoy!

FBCTF github地址:https://github.com/facebook/fbctf

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